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Bankhead Land & Timber Co., Inc.  est. 1994

We are a Land & Timber Company operating in north and north-central Alabama.  Our company was established in 1994 as a wood procurement company which served various mills in the upstate of Alabama.  We began with one field forester and one logger and have since grown to three field foresters and one staff forester and one office manager.  Our logging force has grown to 5 to 7 crews that range in size from 15 to 50 loads per week.

We take pride in not being too specialized, yet are diversified enough to meet the growing needs of today's Landowners.  Each Landowner has his or her own objectives as to why they want to harvest timber.  Some want to swap trees for college.  Some want to thin for  future growth.  Others prefer to develop their property.  Whatever your needs, we will can provide you options and ideas.

All of our foresters have obtained either Bachelor or Master degrees from Auburn University or Mississippi State University.  All of our Harvesting crews are PLM certified with the State of Alabama or Tennesse.

Please meet Our Foresters by clicking on the left or by calling our office. (205-221-4044)